Emmy Bright

Emmy Bright

Tragedies of Desire


18” x 24”




I make performances, drawings, writing, and prints,  that merge high theory, pop songs, psychoanalysis, comedy, art history and philosophy.  With all of these approaches and influences, I champion the stupid, the wrong, and the failed narrative; I make comparisons that fall apart and diagrams that try to explain but instead contain their own undoing. I work to upend normative good sense in order to find something more complex, gnarly, and real.



Emmy Bright works in drawing, writing, print and performance.  She holds an M.Ed from Harvard School of Education, and MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art where she is now chairs their MFA program in Print Media. She has exhibited widely both in the United States and internationally and has recently released a taroesque book and deck set called “More Stupids” through 3 Hole Press in New York.  She currently lives in Detroit where her work is represented by David Klein Gallery.