Arien Wilkerson

Arien Wilkerson

Is that enough? 1

Is that enough? 2

Is that enough? 3

Is that enough? 4


18” x 24”




My process really has no filter, If I had to dissect my process it would be just me directly or indirectly positioning myself in which my desire to see or feel or discover is amplified by the subject that is in front of me.



Arien Wilkerson (They/she) is a queer, black, choreographer, dancer, film maker, director, producer, installation born/raised in Hartford CT.  Arien Wilkerson | Tnmot Aztro based in Philadelphia Pa, is a collaborative multidisciplinary company featuring six to ten artists at any given time. Sculpture, spatial design, lighting design, installation, photography, sound design, and at times seven or more movement artists including Wilkerson. Tnmot Aztro considers that the complexities within art derive from the alienation of objects, identities, the body, sounds and humans, among many things. As an entity the artistic practice in making performance, sculpture, experimental film, photography and dance is rooted in repurposing or redefining meanings of “fine art” and its attachments to colonialism, white supremacy, and institutionalized racism.