Katie Garth

Katie Garth

Why I’m Voting for Biden


18” x 24”


Like so many others, I’m exhausted by the inability of the left to articulate its most urgent needs without first undermining its own viability. This administration’s cruelty and chaos render many of us speechless; it’s impossible to know where to begin. While all of these problems won’t go away under a Biden presidency, it’s imperative to pursue a strategy that gets us closer to correcting these issues, and reassert how much there is to be lost under another four years of Trump. Yes, the house is always on fire, but the people stuck inside of it shouldn’t die while those of us with privilege turn our attention towards building a new one. We can have both. White folks, gather your own and convince them to vote for Biden. This is our responsibility.

Katie Garth is a print-based artist in Philadelphia. She received her MFA from the Tyler School of Art in 2020 and a BFA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2013. Her interdisciplinary practice investigates tensions between the everyday lived experience and the otherworldly and sublime. Accordingly, she visually depicts nondescript items like chairs, sweaters, notebooks, and sneakers as sacred vestiges of a shared existence, often paired with confessional writing or found text. Placed in charged, atmospheric settings, these objects and fragments provoke a sense of enchantment and unease, highlighting the highly constructed nature of consciousness, and destabilizing viewers’ sense of the familiar.