Portraits + Photography by Gary Schneider

September 8, 2009 – October 12, 2009

“I have made portraits since 1975. I work against the desire of the subject to make a camera face and my need to select one “decisive moment” in a fraction of a second. I am interested in exploring a private interaction between my subject and myself. My experience is distinct from their experience, which in turn is different from the audience’s. In one long exposure, in total darkness, with the camera lens open, I explore the surface with a small flashlight accumulating bits of information sequentially.”

Photographer Gary Schneider was born in 1954 in East London, South Africa, and has lived in New York since the late 1970s. He has shown extensively worldwide. Some collections which include his work are: The Whitney Museum, The Guggenheim Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Musee de L’Elysee, Lausanne; The National Gallery of Canada; The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and The Art Institute of Chicago.

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