Janet Biggs: One-on-One

One on One

November 29, 2004 – December 17, 2004

This exhibition showcases Janet Biggs’s video installation titled One-on-One, featuring members of the University of Connecticut 2004 World Champion women’s basketball team. In this new two-channel installation, viewers are confronted with two larger than life female players who struggle in a dance to gain control of the ball. The camera’s concentrated gaze renders a number of unresolved, interlocking tensions- revealing women’s obsessive commitment to pursuit of power and control. A second projection pictures an endless procession of empty bleachers. The absence of an audience invites the considerations of the spectator's role and our relationship to gender, voyeurism, and obsession of a different sort. Known for a body of work that centers on sports, mostly women’s, Biggs has collaborated with skilled athletes. Her provocative, multiple-channel installations often explore obsessive behaviors by juxtaposing images representing suffocation and release, and control and chaos.

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