Peter Waite – Simultaneous Contrast

February 10, 2009 – April 10, 2009

Art making for Peter Waite has always been about making pictures. “Anything of mine that was remotely sculptural I associated with either childhood play or adult fooling around: snowmen, forts, puddles, twigs, pebbles, toy trucks, model making, creative model destroying, whittling, pumpkin carving, beach detritus sculptures… all in good fun but nothing ‘serious.’ I have always been a painter and for the past 25 years my often large-scale pictures have dealt with architecture, depicting real visits to real places. The ‘sculpture/fetish/object/things’ in this exhibition were begun in earnest in 2004 and offer a playful and wackier parallel universe to my pictures: a ‘simultaneous contrast.’ The word ‘play’ is telling and hopefully influential to my future paintings.”

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Peter Waite