Ornithology: Looking at Birds

February 11, 2008 – April 3, 2008

This show presents a diverse mix of images, videos, sound clips and other works, featuring birds as its common underlying theme. Birds have long caught the imagination of artists, and this would not be the first exhibition to present images of our beautiful “feathered friends.” Ornithology, however, takes a new approach, and offers visitors a much different experience. Using images of and themes associated with birds, the exhibition’s artists raise provocative questions about the human condition and the actions of humankind. Through the deceptively simple figure of the bird, the works on display explore themes of race and gender relations, emerging and evolving global politics, economics and environmental change.

Featured Artists
Mary Carlson
Mel Chin
Gregory Crewdson
Peter Edlund
Walton Ford
Michael Gitlin
Johan Grimonprez
Carsten Höller
William Kentridge
William Earl Kofmehl
Stephanie Lempert
Louise Lawler
Neeta Madahar
Paula McCartney
Vik Muniz
Janet L. Pritchard
Christy Rupp
Hope Sandrow
Hunt Slonem
Kiki Smith
Fred Tomaselli