Printerly Prints

January 23, 2007 – February 23, 2007

Team curated with Gus Mazzocca and Laurie Sloan, this exhibition presented contemporary artists who use printmaking in a variety of ways. This exhibition focused upon a small group of artists who are using printmaking in a variety of ways to embrace and challenge the inherent qualities of the media. Printerly Prints drew attention to their response to printmaking’s potential including seriality, transfer, record of evolution, and manipulation, recombination, and multiplicity. Included in the exhibition were prints by: Brad Brown, Judy Pfaff, Donald Baechler, Thomas Nozkowski, Jane Hammond, and David Lynch.

Featured Artists
Donald Baechler
Brad Brown
Tony Fitzpatrick
David Lynch
Jane Hammond
Thomas Nozkowski
Judy Pfaff