October 1, 2007 – November 30, 2007

He was dubbed “Jack the Dripper” by Time magazine in the 1950s for his revolutionary painting technique of working directly over un-stretched canvas using freely applied paint straight out of the can. While alive, he was as controversial with the art world as with the general public. His art was condemned as degenerate, something any monkey could reproduce, and as “unpalatable as yesterday’s macaroni.” Despite all those doubts, today Pollock is considered the greatest American Painter of the last century.

Rather than being an historical account of Abstract Expressionism or action painting, our JACKSON exhibition concerns Pollock as “product” and legend. The exhibition focuses on both his painting style and highly destructive behavior. He had been a turbulent soul whose life was dominated by alcoholism.

This multi-media exhibit shows contemporary works by artists who were influenced by Pollack’s paintings and his life. It will showcases movie trailers and video excerpts from original Jackson Pollock film footage along with discoverable humorous YouTube.com perspectives about the great but troubled artist.

Featured Artists
Janine Antoni
Robert Arneson
John Avelluto
Mike Bidlo
Paul Bloodgood
Patty Chang
Nancy Drew
Joe Fig
Andrea Fraser