November 14, 2005 – December 16, 2005

This multilayered, all-media exhibition demonstrated various ways that some of today’s most interesting artists have utilized libraries’ architectural appearance, collections, and research roles to explore their own personal values and thoughts concerning issues related to place, space, gender expectations and 21st-century life. The art ranged from enormous realistic photographic works to conceptual documentation pieces that revealed surprising poetry within the drawers of old- fashioned card catalogues. Artists included: Candida Höfer, Nina Katchadourian, Robert Longo, Abelardo Morrell, Buzz Spector and Brian Tolle.

Featured Artists
Erica Baum
Maria Friberg
Candida Höfer
Nina Katchadourian
George Legrady
Abelardo Morrell
Buzz Spector
David Ter-Oganyan Alexandr
Brian Tolle
Janet Zweig